Business Finance

Commercial Finance

The Laundry & Cleaning finance team has maintained a close and long professional relationship with independent lenders who help businesses who need finance. As a result, we are able to assist with your particular requests and select a lender most likely to help in your situation.

Whether you are setting up a new laundry or cleaning business, buying an existing business, expanding or consolidating, we are able to guide you through and find the most effective way of navigating the various processes.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance falls under the umbrella terms of ‘factoring and invoice discounting’. It is a form of flexible lending for businesses and can help boost cashflow. Invoice finance allows the business to gain funds that are proportional to the value of unpaid invoices issued by a company. Factoring and invoice discounting allows businesses to be paid for outstanding invoices faster and frees up cashflow to help with day to day business functions.

A business transfers its unpaid invoices to a bank or factoring company, who in turn give a financial advance which is typically up to 90% of the invoice values. This funding grows alongside the sales of the business and the more invoices you submit, the more funding you will receive.

What are the differences between factoring and invoice discounting?

With Factoring, ownership of the client’s sales ledger is taken by the factor company and that company then takes control of the management of the issuing, collection and chasing of the invoices.

Invoice Discounting is simply a cash advance to unpaid invoices and does not include sales ledger management. Invoice discounting is typically used by larger businesses with the aim to retain greater control of their client relationships.

Asset Finance

Asset finance can help in overcoming the challenges that come with raising the required capital to purchase new assets, particularly for start-up businesses. There are many types of assets which can be financed in this way, including new equipment and machinery, as well as the further development of existing assets.

The benefits of asset finance include the provision of further capital for expansion and refinement and helps towards avoiding issues relating to asset depreciation. This also helps free up cashflow to help ease day to day business functions.


Property Finance

Property finance can help with a range of business objectives such as re-mortgaging commercial property to release cashflow and helping reduce overheads. Your commercial property can be your most valuable asset, so remaining as well-informed as possible can pre-empt many potential problems.

Through our range of valuable contacts, we are able (in most cases) to obtain finance for processes such as commercial mortgages for leasehold, freehold properties and bridging loans.

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