For Customers

Our strength lies in our very broad base of expertise, covering all aspects of finance options for equipment ranging from dry cleaning central processing plants to retail unit shops.

Our customers include: County Councils and Local Authorities, Nursing and Residential Care Homes, Sheltered Housing, Housing Associations, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Restaurants, Charities, Vets and Equestrian Centres, Offices, Dry Cleaners, Factories and more…

If you are looking to replace or purchase new commercial or industrial laundry equipment then the team at Laundry and Cleaning Finance can offer competitive range for business finance and leasing options for all new and used commercial and industrial laundry equipment manufacturers brands such as:

  • Miele
  • Electrolux
  • Ipso
  • Primus
  • Lavamac
  • Huebsch
  • Speed Queen
  • Girbau
  • Fagor
  • Union
  • Bowe
  • Sankosha
  • Ghidini
  • Jenson
  • Pony
  • Silc
  • Cissel
  • Alliance
  • JLA


  • ADC
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Warwick
  • Viking
  • CMA
  • Hobart


  • Smeg
  • MIP
  • Unimac
  • GMP
  • Bieffe
  • many more…..


What is Finance?

– This can be either lease finance, Hire Purchase Finance or a loan for 100% of the cost of equipment.
– It is an agreement with a finance lender to help businesses acquire the equipment.
– You pay back the finance over an agreed period of time.
– The payments are fixed for the term of the contract, typically 1 to 7 years.
– Once the finance is fully paid and competed the customer own the good.
– If lease finance is opted for the lease rentals are fully deductible as an operating cost.

Is a lease finance tax efficient?

– 100% of the rental is offset as a business expense.
– The Lessor will claim capital allowances.
– This tax benefit is passed to you through lower rentals.

Why is a Lease cash flow friendly?

– The rentals are spread over the useful life of the equipment.
– The equipment is generating the cash to finance the rentals.
– There is no deposit to pay, so you do not need up front capital, which improves cash flow.
– VAT is charged on each rental, not on the purchase cost.
– A lease helps preserve your cash reserves, which will earn more interest.

Does Leasing affect existing credit lines?

– No. Leasing the equipment, allows you to retain your credit line with your bank.
– By Leasing you open up new credit lines with other funders.
– This offers the flexibility to have the use of equipment when you need it.
– You can do so without in any way affecting your current banking arrangements.
– Borrowing to purchase equipment can reduce business flexibility.
– Which may prove critical if you are planning business expansion, a new marketing campaign or need to recruit more people.

Is Leasing more expensive?

– This depends. Lease rates can be more expensive, as they reflect finance costs.
– Accounting and tax issues, mentioned above, have to be considered.
– The advantages of Leasing outweigh the possible difference in the interest rates.